The Cornerstone – Symbols In The Bible – Detailed Explanation – Bible Glossary

I. What is the Cornerstone in the Bible?

In the Bible, the term “cornerstone” is used to refer to a foundational stone that is set at the corner of a building. This stone is crucial for providing stability and support to the entire structure. The cornerstone is typically the first stone laid in the construction of a building, and all other stones are set in reference to it. In biblical times, the cornerstone was carefully chosen and placed with great care, as it was seen as the most important stone in the building.

II. What does the Cornerstone symbolize in Christianity?

In Christianity, the concept of the cornerstone is often used metaphorically to symbolize Jesus Christ. Just as the cornerstone of a building provides stability and support, Jesus is seen as the foundation of the Christian faith. He is the central figure upon which the entire belief system is built. Without Jesus as the cornerstone, the faith would crumble.

III. How is Jesus Christ referred to as the Cornerstone in the Bible?

In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as the cornerstone in several passages. One of the most well-known references is found in Ephesians 2:20, which states, “Built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.” This verse emphasizes the importance of Jesus as the foundation of the Christian faith.

IV. What significance does the Cornerstone have in the construction of buildings?

The cornerstone plays a crucial role in the construction of buildings. It provides stability and support to the entire structure, ensuring that it remains strong and secure. Without a solid cornerstone, a building is at risk of collapsing. In the same way, Jesus as the cornerstone of the Christian faith provides a firm foundation upon which believers can build their lives.

V. How is the concept of the Cornerstone used metaphorically in the Bible?

In addition to referring to Jesus as the cornerstone, the Bible also uses the concept metaphorically to symbolize other important ideas. For example, in Psalm 118:22, it says, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” This verse is often interpreted as a reference to Jesus, who was rejected by many but ultimately became the most important figure in Christianity.

VI. What is the importance of the Cornerstone in Christian theology?

The cornerstone holds great significance in Christian theology. It represents the foundation of the faith and the central figure upon which all beliefs are based. Without Jesus as the cornerstone, the entire belief system would crumble. The cornerstone serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and the need to build one’s life on a solid foundation. Just as a building relies on its cornerstone for support, Christians rely on Jesus for strength and guidance in their lives.