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Christholdfast.org is a Christian fellowship organization where we help people form an intimacy with Christ irrespective of their location on the planet.

Moreover, we are a bible-focused organization whose doctrines are solely inspired by the Word of God. Love is our way of life; therefore, we are welcoming and accepting of all groups of life.

We connect people to Christ by leading them to him via the Word.
We also create daily spiritual resources for spiritual growth and transformation.


Here are the 8 ways you can improve fellowship among churchgoers:

1. Host a Meal

Great fellowship seems to happen over meals, perhaps due to the relaxed atmosphere it creates. From the time of Jesus till now, a meal has been an effective measure that unites God’s people to fellowship together. We can see this during the Lord’s supper. Moreover, the early church hosted a love feast to enhance better fellowship.

2. Engage in Ministry Together

Go out and support your immediate community. Engage in volunteer works, clean the roads, attend to the needy and elderly, give as much as you can. Such ministry will generate unity amongst members, and fellowship will be another reward.


3. Utilize Social Media Platforms for Interaction

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are nowadays helpful tools in bringing Christians together easily. For some reason, some members connect better with other churchgoers on Facebook.Although we must not let our guards down, social media platforms are effective and useful means of fellowship that churches can utilize to enhance fellowship.


4. Organize a Picnic

Several churches believe that the picnic is an intrinsic part of church affairs. The potato salad, pictures, and contests are great facilitators of fellowship. A relaxed atmosphere is always helpful in boosting fellowship between churchgoers.


5. Pray Fervently

Is there a perfect moment not to pray? Gathering together for prayers is an excellent means of improving fellowship. Regardless of the weekday event, you can boost the connection and prayer life of your church by engaging in more prayers. Furthermore, you can group the attendees into small denominations instead of them praying as a large group.

6. Engage Lots of Volunteers

Utilizing free services of churchgoers rather than employing the services of professionals helps members to be fully engaged in church affairs and to fellowship better with other Christians. Train members to become media director, camera crew, and ask that they help clean the church. This measure will not only help in facilitating engagement in church life but also allow members to fellowship better together as they minister through volunteer teams.


7. Create Small Groups

An effective means of ensuring that believers are closely knitted and don’t forsake each other in fellowship is by creating smaller units in the church. Form a team for different groups of men, women, and youths, not more than ten people. All the groups may have a common goal, but members of the circle should be different. This measure will help create stronger bonds, and every member can be carried along in fellowship.


8. Assign a Weekly Meeting to Fellowship

The smaller units created should have a specific time of the week they meet each other for fellowship. They should gather to discuss personal and spiritual growth. The meeting may begin as a general one for the entire church, but before the close of the day, you should narrow it down to smaller meetings amongst members where individual prayers can pray together. This measure will help form intimacy and achieve the goal of fellowship. 

Biblical fellowship is necessary for church growth. It should go beyond church gossip, fun, and laughter. It’s more about preaching love and encouraging good works according to Hebrews 10:24. Ponder how to form more robust communication and intimacy amongst your church members and improve fellowship, too.


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