Top 4 Recreational Activities For Christian Families

Christians don’t have to go through life being uptight all or most of the time. Quite often, we act like there’s an eleventh commandment that forbids us from having fun as Christians. However, this isn’t the case; Christianity isn’t all about the dull life; there should be time for enjoyment and recreation. 

After a weeklong life of stress from finding the means of livelihood and engaging in several church activities, it’s just right that you take some time off to refresh the brain and body with recreational activities. That doesn’t mean you won’t take care of your responsibilities; it’s about taking time off from work to enjoy the great things with which God has blesses us.

When it comes to engaging in recreational activities, there’s no better company to have than family. Leisure times offer the perfect opportunity for Christian families to bond well and catch up on each other’s life. They’re periods for them to grow more spiritually and physically. It’s no news that when families pray and play together, they get stronger.

It’s quite understandable that many families may find it challenging to embark on long breaks during which they can engage in recreational activities, due to today’s crazy schedules. However, it’s still worth the try; your family will be better for it.

In case you’re wondering what recreational activities in which you can engage your family, look no further. This article will be examining five fun activities from which you can choose.

1.  Gardening

While it could be physically demanding, gardening’s one of the best leisure activities you can carry out as a family. A garden can be a good source of relaxation, bonding, stimulation, and renewed vitality. There’s always an aura of excitement that comes being outdoors with your family, digging in the soil, planting crops, and watching them grow; nothing could be more fulfilling.

Gardening provides several benefits, including enjoyment that comes from the physical activity and relaxation that comes from the serene atmosphere. Also, it’s a form of exercise that helps improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and mental health. There’s also the sense of accomplishment that comes with creating what you eat, as proceeds from gardening will provide your family with a variety of healthy fresh food.

From a biblical point of view, gardening can help you and your family get a better understanding of some of the parables of Jesus. It gives a new insight into the Parable of the Sower (Matt 13: 1-9). If you don’t have enough land space, you could embark on window gardening or volunteer at a community or church garden.

2.  Recreational Target Shooting

When many people hear the word ‘shooting,’ their minds automatically think about violence. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be violence-inclined. Shooting a gun has a recreational angle to it, and it’s one of the safest available.

Recreational target shooting is another leisure-time activity Christian families can adopt. It’s an adventurous endeavour that families can enjoy together. It serves as an educational affair where members of your family get to learn necessary marksmanship skills they need for hunting or other outdoor pursuits.

This activity is better carried out with the use of AR-15 guns, handled with extreme care, of course. Minuteman Review’s analysis will give you an idea of the best ones to go for, should you ever consider going through it. Several free shooting arenas support hunter education and shooting sports; find one of them. Before embarking on this adventurous journey, seek expert opinions from

3.  Seeing Movies

Movie time is always a fun time. Imagine being with your family on a Saturday morning, after breakfast, snuggled up on the couch with a good Christian-themed movie playing on the screen. Refreshing, right? Movie time offers you another chance to have some alone time with your family.

In choosing movies, there’re decent ones that are Christian-themed from which you choose. Classics like God’s Not Dead, Ben Hur, Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia are movies that make for a great family time.

4.  Going on Picnics or Walks

Going on picnic, walks or hiking is an ideal way to feel nature and enjoy the creation of God. Due to our tight schedules and busyness, we hardly make time out to enjoy the beauty of nature. Away from the phone and computer, there’s a whole world out there to explore. Picnic allow you to cherish the company of your family. It enables you to know members of your family better.

Packing food and drinks with your family to a recreational park at least once a month is good for the spirit and body. If picnics aren’t feasible, make a habit of taking members of your family on walks or mountain hiking; you’ll be better for it.


There’s more to life than bible meetings and church services. A good Christian must know how to create a balance among work, church, and family. Engaging in recreational activities with your family will go a long way in boosting love and bond.

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